Monday, September 28, 2015

Thoughts About Comments

Well, I obviously enjoy getting comments that tell me what I have done is great and such. However, I found that the most helpful comments are the ones that say something like, "This is great, but it could be even greater if you do blah, blah, and blah."

Those comments are great because I get the ego boost, but I also get help! It really helps me to know if there is anything making my work weak.

The best sort of comments are those that adopt the Growth Mindset! Comments could make you grow more, challenge what you're doing, but all in an encouraging way!

I try to do this formula when I comment someone: "I liked (this, that, and the other), and this is great, but it could be greater if you do (this, that, and the other.) But, once again this was great!" (Well, of course this would go on a story that I consider to be great.

That is generally the sort of comment that I give, and also the kind of comment that I would love to recieve!

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