Sunday, September 20, 2015

Famous Last Words: Rare Moon Event!

My Reading This Week:
I was happy with my reading this week. I tried to slow down and really pay attention to each story! I do think I could improve my Reading Diaries though. A classmate of mine told me that I should separate the notes into the different sections of the myths, and I thought that was a great idea! To be honest, I'm not sure why I haven't been doing that all along!

My Best Writing this Week:
My best writing this week was my storytelling post this week. Unfortunately I have been too tired, and too busy to write my novel.

Other People's Writing:
I am reminded to check for typos, which is something I always seem to miss--even if I look over it a couple of times!

I did notice people's stories are shorter, and that goes in with my Growth Mindset post this week. So, I'm going to try to write more concisely. My literary idol, Ernest Hemingway would certainly approve.

My Other Classes:
My other classes are stressful, as always, but I'm hanging in there. There's just always something to do, no not just something, someTHINGS. There is always something to do, and even if my homework it done, I still have my novel to write! Oh, and then that little thing called spare time. Something that I am forgetting about more and more.

Something Cool I Found:
On Sunday, September 27th there will be a Full Moon. But, not just any Full Moon. It'll be a Supermoon (bigger, and higher in the sky.) That's not all! It'll also be a Lunar Eclipse. So,  there will be a Supermoon and a Lunar Eclipse on the same night! This only happens every 30 years, and the last time was in 1982

I encourage you to go check it out! After All, it won't happen again until 2033! Read more about this awesome astronomical event here.

(Image from: PixaBay)

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